Cash For Cats Campaign Gets Underway

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(CATS) In an effort to curb cat overpopulation, the new “Cash for Cats” campaign gives cash to residents in qualifying Los Angeles area zip codes who bring their cat in to be spayed or neutered. Found Animals Foundation will pay pet guardians $5 for each cat brought in for the procedure in order to promote feline spay/neuter while also being the first ever program in Los Angeles County to reward participants in this progressive approach. Read on for more details on this innovative program. — Global Animal
The “Cash For Cats” campaign hopes to curb cat overpopulation. Photo Credit:

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Looking to make some quick cash this summer?

Residents in South Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley can receive $5 for each cat they bring in to be spayed or neutered.

The “Cash For Cats” campaign from the Found Animals Foundation is hoping to curb cat overpopulation by paying pet owners in what’s being hailed the first-ever such program in Los Angeles County.

“This is going to get people rushing to our spay/neuter clinics like they never have before,” said Luz Maria Briseño, official Spanish spokesperson of the campaign and local TV/radio personality. “Huevos (Eggs), Bolas (Balls), Cuates (Nuts), Mellizos (Twins), whatever you choose to call them, we call them a problem. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to make easy money and help their neighborhood in the process.”

Residents in qualifying zip codes 90003 and 90037 in South Los Angeles can bring cats to the Spay 4 LA mobile clinics, while those in the San Fernando Valley zip codes 91605, 91402 and 91405 can bring cats to Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles.

Although there is no limit to the number of cats residents can bring, appointments are necessary to receive the $5 reward. The length of the promotion will be based on community engagement.

A single pair of unsterilized cats and their kittens can produce anywhere from 100 to 5,000 kittens, many of which become part of the roughly 87,000 cats that enter Los Angeles-area shelters every year.

An estimated 65,000 of them are ultimately euthanized — a rate of 75 percent.

San Fernando Valley residents may reach SNP LA at (310) 574-5555. South Los Angeles residents may contact Spay 4 LA at 1-888-SPAY-4-LA (772-9452).

Details about the program are available at the Found Animals website.

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