(CELEBRITY NEWS) Animal advocate and professional rockstar Brian May plans to perform at Wildlife Rocks, a concert event that will raise support and awareness for animal rights issues. The Queen guitarist is certainly doing his part to help animals and current preservation efforts, and his work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Read more to learn about the upcoming concert and May’s personal efforts, including his own campaign and animal refuge center. — Global Animal
Animal advocate and guitarist Brian May. Photo Credit: Simon James/Shutterstock.com
Animal advocate and guitarist Brian May. Photo Credit: Simon James/Shutterstock.com

Ecorazzi, Allyson Koerner

Brian May will soon be rocking out on stage and showing off his musical talents, along with his passion for wildlife, at a huge celebration that supports and recognizes all animals.

The Queen guitarist is an avid wildlife supporter and is going to help raise awareness for animal rights and bring to light animal issues at Wildlife Rocks, a concert and event in honor of none other than Mother Earth’s fabulous wildlife.

“We’ve gathered phenomenal momentum with the Save Me campaign [May’s organization that saves and protects animals] and now is the time to bring this together with some amazing like-minded partners for a real celebration of all that’s great about the wildlife that we share this planet with,” May said.

“We’re all quick to focus on the issues of animal welfare, and there is much to do, but we want this to be about how amazingly rich our natural heritage is and how we’ve all got a role to play in preserving and nurturing it,” he continued. 

If anyone knows anything about wildlife, it’s May. He recently turned his estate into a refuge for animals and injured wildlife. Currently, 36 hedgehogs, seven badger cubs and two tawny owls reside at the sanctuary.

May has worked directly with animal advocate groups to get the event on its feet including RSPCA (a leading U.K. animal welfare charity), Born Free (a U.S. national animal advocacy nonprofit) and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

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