(ANIMAL NEWS) MEXICO — In the span of just a week, a flu-like virus spread to over two million chickens throughout various farms in Mexico. The virus, though not necessarily deadly, still put half of the reported birds to death, since they can no longer be used for consumption purposes. Hopefully this incident will help others prepare for a quarantine before such high numbers are infected. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Huffington Post

MEXICO CITY — An outbreak of the H7N3 bird flu virus in western Mexico has infected about 2.5 million chickens and led authorities to destroy or dispose of almost a million birds.

The country’s Agriculture Department says that 129 farms in the western state of Jalisco have been inspected. Flu was confirmed in birds at 24 of the sites, and tests continued on most of the rest.

The farms in question have been placed under quarantine, the department said in a Tuesday press statement. 

The outbreak has caused price increases in chicken and egg products in Mexico.

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