(WILDLIFE SAFETY) PENNSYLVANIA — Sears shoppers at a Pittsburgh mall were surprised to see a one-year-old black bear walk through the store’s revolving doors on Saturday. The cub was first spotted in the parking lot where some horrible people were chasing her with their cars. When the frightened cub retreated into the mall, it was promptly evacuated and wildlife conservation officers were called in to handle the situation. Read on for more on this little bear’s big adventure. — Global Animal 

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Come see the softer side of . . . BEARS?

A year-old black bear cub surprised Sears shoppers at the Pittsburgh Mill Mall in Frazer, Penn. on Saturday, the Tribune-Review reports.

The 120-125 pound furry female was first spotted around 8:30 p.m. the parking lot, where people were chasing the poor cub with their cars, said Matt Marcinik, who was outside smoking at the time.

The frightened creature headed towards the mall and entered a Sears Grand store through the automatic doors, according to WTAE.

The mall was promptly evacuated, and wildlife conservation officers were able to trap the bear between the double doors and shoot it with tranquilizers, KDKA reports.

Still, the bear managed to get back in the store and wander around for about an hour before falling asleep. Some mall patrons were initially frightened, but by the time officials were carrying the cub out of the store, a crowd enamored with the cute cub had gathered to take pictures.

Though the bear was wearing a tracking collar, officials are not yet sure of the animal’s origins. Wildlife conservation officer Dan Puhala told the Tribune-Reviewshe may have been part of a nearby research project.

Nobody was injured. Puhala said officials have not yet decided where they will take the bear cub.

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