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Numerous marine species depend on vocalizations for communication, navigation, and pure survival. However, military and accompanying industry groups utilize high-frequency sonar testing to understand the undersea environment for their personal endeavors. The high-frequency underwater testing occurs off the coasts of California and Hawaii, including the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary, and imposes serious repercussions for the neighboring wildlife. 

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This testing severely threatens the surrounding aquatic life by deafening, injuring, or even killing the animals. The Navy’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) estimates that 15,900 whales and dolphins will deafen and 1,800 more will die over the next five years due to military tests.

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The severe consequences from sonar testing can potentially be avoided by exploring other alternatives, such as optical systems, magnetic detection, radar measurements, or solely following certain precautions to prevent these damaging results. The Navy’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must include remarks from the public, so your signature can help stop this program and save the lives of these ocean creatures!