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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sea Shepherd Delivers Message After Fleeing Germany

(SEA SHEPHERD) Captain Paul Watson contacted Sea Shepherd headquarters over the weekend from an undisclosed location requesting a personal message to be forwarded on to his supporters. Watson recently fled Germany and relinquished his bail after serving a 70 day house arrest after he way arrested in Frankfurt on a 2002 warrant from Costa Rica. With mass support from the public, the whale activist was released on bail. Continue on to read the relayed message from the Sea Shepherd Captain. — Global Animal

Katie Holmes Uses Animals For Pain Relief

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Actress Katie Holmes has not yet adopted a dog after she was recently spotted scanning a dog boutique, but she has taken her six-year-old daughter Suri to visit some amazing animals. A special trip to the Bronx Zoo in New York City on Saturday was most likely an attempt to ease the healing process of Katie's divorce to actor Tom Cruise. It's no secret that animals can be very therapudic in helping people cope mentally and physically. — Global Animal

Man Rescues 80-Year-Old Lobster From Plate

(OCEAN NEWS) CONNECTICUT — When Don MacKenzie saw a 17-pound lobster in a local Connecticut restaurant, he knew he had to have it. The lobster nicknamed Lucky Larry was estimated to be between 80 and 100 years old. Rather than eat Lucky Larry, MacKenzie thought that a lobster who has seen "World War I, World War II, the landing on the moon, and the Red Sox win a World Series," deserves to live. Read on for more on how this good samaritan saved Lucky Larry from becoming a seafood dinner.  — Global Animal 

Cat Goes For A Stroll

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat loves to play house with her stroller. — Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Green Couscous Salad

(VEGAN RECIPE) Looking for a refreshing summer salad packed with green vegetable goodness? This week's Meat-Free Monday challenge is a green Israeli couscous salad, and is sure to hit the spot! Israeli couscous is a little larger and has more of a pasta texture than regular couscous. Follow the recipe as is, or use whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Either way this salad is easy to make and will not disappoint! — Global Animal 

Obese Dogs Need a Weight Plan Too

(PET CARE) Obesity has become a widespread problem that plagues many humans and even pets! About half of all pets are overweight, and this condition can cause an array of health risks. Diet, exercise, and health-conscious choices are all necessary ingredients for overcoming weight challenges for humans and pets alike. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your animal is living an active lifestyle with healthy habits. Read more to learn about pet obesity and tips to help treat it. — Global Animal

Rare, Albino Seal Pup Loses Mother (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL NEWS) GERMANY- The Dortmund Zoo in Germany recently presented one of its newest additions: a rare, albino South American fur seal pup. Sadly, his mother suddenly died a few days afterwards, leaving the unnamed pup alone. The zoo is fortunately taking every possible measure to ensure the orphaned seal will be raised happy and healthy. Read on to learn more about this tragedy and the zoo's commendable response, and check out some heartwarming photos taken of the pair. — Global Animal

Samaritans Rescue Bear Cubs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) These good samaritans lend a helping hand to some bear cubs in need of some fresh air! — Global Animal

Pet Rescues Give New Chance After Foreclosure

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Facing foreclosure is a disheartening reality no one wants to face. But having to give up your pet because of it seems worse. Fortunately, new animal rescue centers are forming and responding to the increase of animals put up for adoption after foreclosure or unemployment hit. Read on to learn about efforts in Nevada and Arizona and what they are doing to help in this dire situation. — Global Animal

Animals In The Air Advance

(PET TRAVEL) Over the years, the question of whether animals are safe to fly has been a hot topic. Some claim the rules are not strict enough, especially as these incalculable deaths on aircrafts go unreported. Recently, though, the Department of Transportation has responded to a petition that addresses these issues. Read on to learn more about how you can help change these deceiving regulations and simultaneously provide a more safe environment for our pets. — Global Animal

Beyonce Knowles and the Beyonce horse fly, Scaptia beyonceae. Photo Credit: CSIRO

Famous Names For Newfound Animals

(ANIMAL SPECIES) Scientists discover tens of thousands of species every year, which means tens of thousands of new animal names must be generated. This naming privilege is given to the identifying scientist, who can draw from quite a wide spectrum for inspiration. Check out some of these animal species whose names may sound familiar to you. — Global Animal

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Cash For Cats Campaign Gets Underway

(CATS) In an effort to curb cat overpopulation, the new “Cash for Cats” campaign gives cash to residents in qualifying Los Angeles area zip codes who bring their cat in to be spayed or neutered. Found Animals Foundation will pay pet guardians $5 for each cat brought in for the procedure in order to promote feline spay/neuter while also being the first ever program in Los Angeles County to reward participants in this progressive approach. Read on for more details on this innovative program. — Global Animal

NASA Plans Vegan Menu For Mars Astronauts

(SCIENCE/VEGAN) — One NASA research team is dedicated to planning an all vegan menu for the mission to Mars in 2030. The team is focusing on plant-based meals because the astronauts will be able to grow their own plants for cooking on board the spacecraft. So far the researchers have planned over 100 yummy vegan meals. Read on for more on the meat-free trip to Mars. — Global Animal 

Tropical Butterfly Found In Canada

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) CANADA —  The giant swallowtail butterfly, indigenous to Central and South America, was found in Montreal, Quebec. The butterfly was found in the cities botanical garden and is thought to be a result of North America's climate slowly becoming warmer. Read on for more on this tropical species making its new home in Canada. — Global Animal