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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Meerkats Get A Better View

(ANIMAL VIDEO) These adorable animals are taking advantage of the cameramen to get a better look around! — Global Animal

Push For Bison As U.S. National Mammal

(ANIMAL NEWS) What mammal do you think best represents the United States? The North American Bison, maybe? Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming has proposed a bill that will name the bison as the national mammal, saying that bison have become a symbol of American strength and determination. Read on for why designating the bison as a national symbol may raise awareness and help preserve the few that are left. — Global Animal


Adopt A Purebred Shelter Dog

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Are you looking for a purebred pup? Did you know there are plenty of purebred dogs in shelters? About 25% of sheltered dogs are purebred according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. You can easily find a loving, young or adult purebred in need of a home. Most will already be potty and crate trained! Read on for some great tips on how to find and rescue your new best friend. — Global Animal

Summer TV Goes To The Dogs

(ANIMAL TV) NEW YORK — Big TV networks have finally decided to get involved and acknowledge that over half of Americans act as guardians to at least one pet. Three radically different shows revolving around dogs will start this summer and show just how much animals have become a significant part of our everyday lives. While one CBS show focuses on the point that there is a lot of work that goes into being a good pet guardian, a film on PBS stresses the benefits of adopting from a dog shelter. Another show on HBO encourages dog adoption, but takes a much different approach. Read on for more of this summer's canine-oriented TV, and how the media could direct the conversation about pets in a positive direction. — Global Animal

Little Lamb Parkour

(ANIMAL VIDEO) No horseplay in the house, guys! — Global Animal

Gruesome Auction Animal Abuse Lives On (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL ABUSE) CALIFORNIA — Horrifying undercover videos shot by the animal rights group Mercy For Animals have surfaced again, showing that animal abuse in livestock sales is still very alive. The owner of Ontario Livestock Sales in California claims he and his employees must handle the animals in the manner that they do because the animals are unruly. However the video proves that the treatment of these animals is in clear violation of California law. Watch the video at your own discretion, and read on for details on the pending animal cruelty case. — Global Animal

Pamela Anderson Against Animal Testing For Tobacco

(ANIMAL TESTING) Pamela Anderson is taking a stand against the FDA's recommendation to test tobacco products on animals. Tobacco companies will often make rats breathe tobacco smoke for up to six hours a day for months on end, then kill them to study the damage on their bodies. The FDA's recommendation is highly misguided as rats don't contract the same diseases as humans, and the tobacco companies have used the findings from animal testing to mislead the public and deny the link between smoking and cancer. Read more below and click the Take Action Mouse to write a comment to the FDA urging them not to support animal testing. — Global Animal 

Ecoguards Employed To Stop Wildlife Poaching

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Wildlife poaching has been a problem for wildlife conservationists for a long time. We have parks, reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in which it is illegal to hunt certain animals, but it's hard to enforce those rules in vast areas with few people around. Employing "ecoguards" to protect the animals and arrest poachers may be a new solution, which has proven effective in areas where applied. Read on to learn about what some are proposing to tackle the urgent need of wildlife protection. — Global Animal

Stylish Pig Evades Police

(FUNNY ANIMALS) A scarf-wearing pig was seen running away from the police on a highway outside of Pittsburgh. The police failed to catch the pig and have no idea where it came from and are baffled as to why it's wearing a scarf. After causing crazy traffic the trendy piggy escaped into the woods.—Global Animal

Cool Whip Kitten

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Oh, I'm sorry. Were you looking for the Cool Whip? Well you got an adorable kitten instead! — Global Animal