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Do Dogs Feel Empathy?

(SCIENCE DISCOVERY) A new study published in the online journal Animal Cognition reveals that dogs do care when you cry. University of London researchers found that dogs were more likely to go up to a person who was crying than someone who was simply talking or humming. But does the study prove that dogs actually have empathy? — Global Animal

Photos Capture Animal Abuse In New Light

(PHOTO GALLERY) There are countless studies that prove animals are intelligent, express emotion and feel pain. There is also a direct correlation between animal abuse, domestic violence and other crimes. Yet animal abusers still go largely unpunished. Photographer Nicolas Wickstrom attempts to take us into the dark world of animal cruelty by substituting people in situations that involve the mistreatment of animals. Wickstrom explains his focus, "I aimed at inspiring more people to see the horrendous nature of what was going on and feel urged to do something, anything, to fix it." Check out his photos. — Global Animal

Explanation For Extraordinary Cheetah Speed

(WILDLIFE DISCOVERY) A new study recently published reveals why cheetahs are capable of traveling at top speeds. Researchers observed the running behavior and mechanisms of captive cheetahs and retired racing greyhounds. The results show that cheetahs are capable of changing gears by increasing the frequency of their strides at higher speeds. Read more to find out about this fascinating discovery! — Global Animal.

47 Pit Bulls Rescued From Bronx Fighting Ring

(ANIMAL NEWS) The ASPCA and New York Police Department evacuated 47 pit bulls from a basement apartment in the Bronx on Thursday. The dogs, bred for fighting, lived in crammed cages and are thought to have never been outside. The occupant of the apartment, also the building's superintendant, is charged with animal fighting and cruelty. Read more on the raid of the puppy mill and the dogs rescued. — Global Animal

Elderly Dog Becomes Topic Of Small Town

(TOUCHING TALE) NEW MEXICO — Blue, an 11-year-old Australian cattle dog, has stirred a great debate in his home town of Elephant Butte, New Mexico. The discussion is over whether he should be allowed to live his life leash-free. As the main topic at the town's council meeting, this inspirational dog has acquired his own lawyer, has his own Facebook page, and his own bank account for donations. Read on for Blue's fascinating story. — Global Animal

Americans Lust For Purebreds

(DOG BREEDS) Why do Americans love purebred dogs? Not only do humans intrinsically feel the need to classify and categorize animals, but Americans, in particular, desire individuality—even when it comes to choosing man's next best friend. Sadly, a mutt makes breed identification a bit more difficult. However, the demand for purebred dogs can be so strong that we often overlook genetic diseases and irresponsible breeding practices typically associated with purebreds. Read on to learn more about why adoption is always the best choice. — Global Animal

Ivory horns are smuggled out of West and Central Africa for markets in Asia and Europe. Photo credit:

Discovery Channel Airs New Special (VIDEO)

(WILDLIFE TV) The Discovery Channel will air a new special titled Ivory Wars that investigates the inner workings of ivory sales in Africa. The illegal poaching of elephants that fuels the odious international ivory trade is still a problem that is far from being solved. In a press release, the Group President of Discovery and TLC Networks Eileen O’Neill said, "with the African elephant killings continuing at an alarming rate, it’s time to once again bring this issue to the forefront and educate viewers about the plight of these magnificent animals." Read more about the program and tune in on Saturday. — Global Animal



Tonto The Rockatoo

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This cockatoo shakes his head feathers to some ACDC. — Global Animal

Maldives Announces World’s Largest Marine Reserve

(OCEAN NEWS) By the year 2017, the 1,192 islands of the Maldives will be a marine reserve. The plan was announced recently at the Rio+20 UN Conference of Sustainable Development, and will make the country the largest protected area of ocean life in the world. With increasing threats to marine life and environments, this positive step will hopefully highlight the importance of the ocean's survival. Read on for more on the proposed plan. — Global Animal

Pilot Marks His 1,000th Animal Rescue

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Saving animals has reached new heights, literally! Last Friday marked pilot Jeff Bennet's 1,000th animal rescue. Bennet is an active volunteer for Pilots N Paws, an organization that arranges flight transports of threatened animals to rescue centers and other safe facilities. Bennet's decision to combine his passion for flying and helping animals has been satisfying for him ever since. Read more about Bennet's triumph and the charitable organization that made it possible. — Global Animal

Abandoned Puppies Attacked By Bees

(ANIMAL ABUSE) CALIFORNIA — Two weeks ago, five puppies were abandoned and tied to a tree directly under an active beehive. While two of the animals managed to survive the swarm of disturbed bees, the other three were less fortunate. While it is still unclear if the person who dumped the puppies there was planning to return, this was no doubt an irresponsible, careless act by the guardian who has yet to come forward. Hopefully this instance will bring attention to the prohibiting of tethering and abandoning dogs. Read on for more details on the remaining pups, their recovery and their hopeful future. — Global Animal

Dogs Of Domestic Violence Find Save Haven

(ANIMAL/HUMAN ABUSE) A heroic Great Dane named Hank put himself on the line to save his guardian from domestic violence. The story inspired the Rose Brooks Center, the shelter that took Hank and his guardian in, to open Paws Place Pet Shelter, a shelter for animal victims of domestic violence. Paws Place will be the second one of its kind in the country. It's great to see people recognize the healing ability animals posses, and the comfort they are able to provide in many situations. Read on to learn more about this new animal safe haven and how Hank was honored for his courage.  — Global Animal

Baby Rhino Drinks From Bottle

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby rhino on a heavily guarded sanctuary in Kenya drinks six pints of milk, five times a day! — Global Animal

Extinct Toad Back From The Dead

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) SRI LANKA — A toad that was thought to be extinct is making a sudden comeback. The Kandyan Dwarf toad has not been spotted since 1872 and was listed as extinct by the IUCN. Recently scientists rediscovered the toad at the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately it appears to still be close to extinction. Read on to find out about the toad's surprise appearance.—Global Animal