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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Farm Bill Provision Puts A Stop To Animal Fighting

(ANIMAL LEGISLATION) Attendees of cockfights or dogfights will potentially face severe consequences if a provision of the Farm Bill is approved. The clause imposes large fines and jail sentences for those who attend fights or bring along a minor. Supporters of the provision hope this will help punish those involved in animal fighting and curb the occurrence by making attendance a federal crime. Read more to find out the details of this proposed measure. — Global Animal.

Young Manatees Refuse To Leave Mother

(WILDLIFE) FLORIDA — Tropical storm Debby has caused major destruction throughout northern Florida. Early this week, a mother manatee was fatally injured from the violent storm. Her two calves remained nearby, refusing to leave her side. Although it is a tragic event, read on for details on how the two young manatees are getting a second chance at life. — Global Animal

Kitten Dreams Of Yarn And Hugs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) There's not much to say about this adorable, 3-week old sleeping kitten but, "awwwwww!" — Global Animal

South Korean Dolphins Catch A Break

(DOLPHIN NEWS) A new bill announced this week in South Korea will ban the capture of bottlenose dolphins for use in entertainment shows. The new legislation designates sea turtles, sea horses, and bottlenose dolphins as protected species, authorizing their capture only for research reasons and with proper permission. Read on for more on this promising news and the future penalties for capturing protected species in South Korea. — Global Animal


Warning: Great White Sharks In Cape Cod Waters

(OCEAN NEWS) MASSACHUSETTS — As summer begins, so does the chilling arrival of great white sharks off of the coast of Cape Cod. The state tagged seven sharks last year and released a statement recently warning that two of the sharks were nearby. Although officials are not closing any beaches or restricting swimming, they are warning not to swim near seals, the main reason sharks are attracted to the area. Read on for more. — Global Animal

Lead Poisoning Pushes Condors Towards Extinction

(BIRD NEWS) New research done on the California condor shows that despite decades of conservation work, the species is still close to extinction. The culprit behind the species' endangerment remains the same, lead from ammunition. Lead levels among the birds are so high that many require medical treatment and it may have an effect on their reproductive ability. Read on for more on the future of condors. — Global Animal 

RIP Lonesome George

(ANIMAL EXTINCTION) GALAPAGOS ISLANDS — The last remaining Pinta Island tortoise in the world, Lonesome George, has passed away. Attempts to breed the 100-year-old tortoise with other breeds of tortoise were unsuccessful, and so the Pinta Island species dies along with its famous icon. In his honor, an international workshop will be held on management strategies for restoring tortoise populations. Read on for more on Lonesome George and the sad loss of one of the world's great species. — Global Animal 

Megan’s Meat-Free Monday: Potluck Potato Salad

(VEGAN RECIPE) It's summer time! Replace your old, tired potato salad recipe with this week's meat-free Monday challenge. America's favorite BBQ side dish has now been simplified and updated. I highly suggest bringing it to your next picnic. Every time I bring this dish to a potluck I never have any left overs. It's always a crowd favorite, and of course, animal friendly. — Global Animal

Tough Guys Help Stop Animal Cruelty (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) Show Your Soft Side is using some "strong" guys as models in their ad campaign that hopes to address animal abuse in Baltimore. Many of the animal cruelty cases in the city are unfortunately carried out by young adults who believe animal abuse is a display of toughness. The Mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Commission created this project to target this false idea and alter the youth's perception on animal cruelty. Check out some of these tough guys looking quite sweet with their pets. — Global Animal

Playmates: Lion Cub, Bunny And Dog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Simba the lion cub gets some quality time with his pal Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit! According to the video, Edinburgh zookeepers are taking care of Simba after he fell ill during the winter. But the lion cub has made a full recovery! — Global Animal

Kiwi ‘Night Parrot’ Saved From Extinction (VIDEO)

(ENDANGERED BIRD) The flightless kakapo parrot, or "night bird," of New Zealand is hanging onto survival by a thread. On the verge of extinction since the 1990s, the ground-dwelling kakapo faces threats that range from the introduction of foreign predators to their strange preference to mate with humans over female kakapos. A huge conservation effort is underway to save the species, a breeding program on several remote islands that have increased the number of kakapos to 126 this year. Read on for more on this extraordiary parrot, and how New Zealand is doing all it can to save the species. — Global Animal

Are Presidential Pets Used As A Distraction?

(FAMOUS PETS) Is it an accident that President Obama's dog Bo is getting a lot of attention lately? A new study by researchers at George Washington University suggest that it's not. In fact it is a calculated move. Presidents often use dogs for photo opportunities to seem more relatable to the public. The study shows that many presidential pets often come out during difficult moments, like during Bill Clinton's sex scandal. Read on to learn why pets make such good public relations partners. —Global Animal

Rob Thomas Helps Homeless Pets In Puerto Rico

(CELEBRITY NEWS) PUERTO RICO — Thanks to a generous donation of $350,000 from Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol, Pets Alive has a new sanctuary in Utado, Puerto Rico. Before the sanctuary, stray pets had to be flown all the way to New York for medical treatment, now they can be treated  immedietly. The facility is already home to 6 mother dogs and their 41 puppies, and many more are expected. Read on for more on Rob Thomas and the Pets Alive Sanctuary. — Global Animal 

Dog Wants A Cookie

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Topher the dog loves his cookies! — Global Animal