PBS Launches Vegan Cooking Show

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) Finally a vegan cooking show! Vegan Mashup is set to air this fall on PBS. The aim of the show is to prepare quality food that is both animal and budget friendly. Also, be sure to check out our Meat-Free Monday’s with a new recipe every week like Zucchini Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce and Curried Cauliflower Orzo. Read on for more info about PBS’s new cooking show! — Global Animal 

 Ecorassi.com, China Despain Freeman

Get ready to set your DVR to PBS, because this fall, the channel is launching an all-vegan cooking show.

Featuring three regular chefs and a rotation of guest stars, “Vegan Mashup” is set to air six episodes. Each half-hour episode will focus on a theme, such as teen food, cheap eats, and appetizers.

The show, which is produced by Delicious TV, stars Toni Fiore, Terry Hope Romero and Miyoko Schinner. Weekly guests, such as Elizabeth Fraser and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, add the “mashup” component,

So, what can you expect from the new series? According to producer Betsy Carson, ”‘Vegan Mashup’ is a spin-off of my last show. I wanted to get more chefs and get more people cooking, and to show how popular plant-based recipes are.”

“We’re really trying to focus on good, healthy food you can prepare in quantity on a budget,” adds Fiore.

The Delicious TV site says that Fiore will focus on “easy, healthy dishes with a kick.” Romero will bring Latin-inspired food to the table, while Schinner will focus on her Japanese heritage and love of vegan cheese.

Initially, the show launched an Indigogo campaign to raise production funds. The campaign didn’t meet its goal, but several nonprofits stepped up to help make the show happen. “Vegan Mashup” is sponsored by Friends of Animals, Maine Animal Coalition, Boston Vegetarian Society and A Well-Fed World. Want to get involved? The show is accepting new sponsors in hopes of launching a second season.

“I’m hoping to get more sponsors so we can roll right into another season,” says Carson. ”A lot of (PBS) shows will get giant sponsors for $100,000 to $400,000. I’d like raise another $10,000.”

“Vegan Mashup” will begin airing in September. It will be available to PBS channels nationwide, although each local affiliate will determine whether or not to air the show

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