(PET HEALTH) Born without a foot, Peggy the Chihuahua will be implanted with a titanium prosthetic, a procedure that will save her leg from amputation. While she might be the smallest, Peggy is not the first dog to be fitted with a prosthetic. Naki’o was fitted with a complete set of four prosthetic paws last year. Researchers at North Carolina State University have offered to perform the procedure for Peggy free of charge. Read on for how this type of prosthesis procedure will hopefully be used to help pets and people, like injured soldiers, worldwide. — Global Animal 

The Huffington Post

A rescued puppy named Peggy Leg will soon be the “world’s smallest bionic pet.” The chihuahua is due to be fitted with a prosthetic, titanium foot by researchers at North Carolina State University, KOAT-TV reports.

“When we were told about this program it was unbelievable,” Mary Jewell of Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue said. “It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she is going to be a bionic dog with a bionic leg.'”

The little pooch, who was adopted from a shelter in Roswell, N.M., was born without a foot. Without the procedure, her leg would have had to be amputated, KOAT-TV reports.

Thankfully, researchers at North Carolina State University — who are doing research on artificial limbs for pets and have successfully fitted a large dog with a similar prosthesis — have offered to give Peggy Leg the bionic implant for free.

She will soon be traveling to Raleigh, N.C., for the first of several rounds of treatment.

Jewell said that she hopes this surgery will raise awareness for this type of prosthesis — which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe — here in the United States.

“Together we hope to not only help Peggy, but promote a new type of prosthesis that will help our soldiers that are so much in need,” Jewell told KOAT-TV.

The Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue is currently raising money to cover Peggy Leg’s travel expenses.

Though the chihuahua may be one of the first pets to get a titanium implant, she’s not the first furry friend to be saved by a prosthetic.

In 2010, Oscar the cat made headlines when he became the first feline to get prosthetic legs and last year, The Huffington Post reported that Naki’o became the first dog to be fitted with four prosthetic paws.

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