Lady Gaga’s Newest Plead For Attention: A Cockroach Hat

Photo Credit: Lady Gaga Network

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Lady Gaga is aggravating animal rights activists once again, but this time her fashion idea doesn’t plan to promote dead animals. Instead, she wants to put live cockroaches inside her hat while she dances on stage alongside her loud, blaring music. One would think she might choose to stay away from animals after the huge criticism she felt from wearing her raw meat dress, but that does not seem to be the case. Read on to learn just why Lady Gaga has chosen cockroaches as her latest fashion victim. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Lady GaGa Network

Ecorazzi, Allyson Koerner

Besides being known and adored for her music and love for all people, Lady Gaga continues to make fashion statements left and right. Whether it’s crazy shoes, new hair styles or two different meat dresses, the singer surely expresses herself. Now she may be doing just that with a hat made from live cockroaches.

Why cockroaches? Well, a recent study was conducted by New York students who were observing the engineering and movements of cockroaches. Music was played for the insects, and Gaga’s tunes inspired the little buggers to start dancing.

Ever since learning about the study, the singer has reportedly been inspired.

A source recently revealed to The Sun, “Lady Gaga has been looking to top her famous meat dress for some time — and this could be it. She dubbed cockroaches ‘My real life monsters’ after hearing of the recent study.

“Now she wants to incorporate them in a headpiece by having them crawling around inside a netted cage.”

The cockroaches may have enjoyed listening to Gaga while walking around a bug aquarium, but we think they might feel differently in a hat with a dancing Gaga on stage. All that movement and loud music… We’d even call it cruel and unnecessary. Perhaps if she loves her real life monsters so much, she’ll leave the little guys alone to enjoy her music in peace.

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    • All the people who talk shit about her singing and ‘fake image’ needs to open their fucking eyes and get past the outrageous costumes. She CAN sing. Just look at any of her motherfucking piano performances. She has started a foundation for youth empowerment. She’s fought to get freedom for the gays. The individuals who are too ignorant and clueless should just shut their mouths and get off of the social media.