(ANIMAL RESCUE) On June 11, 2012, shelters around the country agreed to not kill any savable animals for one day, and instead make a focused effort to get more adopted. There were adoption events, discounts on adoption fees, and pictures of the at-risk animals uploaded to facebook and twitter. To any organization that took the pledge to be no-kill for a day, the organizers of the event sent a model press release, posters, and promotional plans. Amazingly, some shelters even ran out of animals to adopt out. Read on about the success of “Just one Day.” Support the cause, and maybe no-kill day will eventually be every day. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Lazy_Lightening from Wikipedia

Examiner, Vania Maldonado

Every year our nation’s shelters kill thousands of homeless pets. Proponents of this practice claim that there is a pet overpopulation problem and these animals must be killed because there are not enough homes for them all. Opponents say our nation has enough homes and we can become a No Kill nation, where at least 90% of the animals leave shelters alive. For Just One Day, on June 11th, over 800 animal shelters and rescue groups proved that a No Kill nation is within our reach.

Just One Day was a nationwide adoption event encouraging organizations to put down their syringes and pick up their cameras intead. In exchange for pledging not to kill animals on June 11th, the participating organizations received model press releases, promotional materials and plans, and a guide to help adopt their way out of killing.

The event was a huge success. According to the Just One Day Facebook page, “Florence, AL, reports ‘amazing results’ including a $1,000 donation. Morristown, TN, says they’ve done ‘huge’ numbers of adoptions. Greensville, SC, reports 78 animals went home. Another shelter reports 94 dogs and 37 cats saved. Round Rock, TX, which is normally closed, says their lobby is full and 24 adoptions so far, including FIV+ kitties! Roanoke, VA, reported 36 adoptions on a day they are normally closed, and a full parking lot of potential adopters.” In just one day, Amarillo Animal Control in Texas adopted out 65, almost half their typical monthly rate.

According to the Just One Day Facebook page, the event was so sucessful that some shelters reported running out of animals to adopt. Other shelters had many empty cages because they’d adopted more animals in one day than they normally did in one week.

If we can do this, a No Kill nation is indeed within our reach. If your animal shelter or rescue group participated in this event, please thank them for doing so. If they are not already a No Kill shelter, please urge them to make the change permanently and join the over 30 No Kill communities nationwide.

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