Sonia Horon, Global Animal

A scarf-wearing pig was seen running away from the police on a highway outside of Pittsburgh. The police failed to catch the pig and have no idea where it came from and are baffled as to why it’s wearing a scarf. After causing crazy traffic the trendy piggy escaped into the woods.

“I’m a little angry more people aren’t taking photos of me. I dressed up for this outing!” Sharp-dressed pig. Photo credit:

Some highway drivers were not happy about the fashionable visitor. Pliny_the_Elder commented on the story writing, “As if traffic on the Parkway West Inbound needed to be any worse.”

But the pig doesn’t seem too concerned because he managed to open a Twitter account and accumulate 18 followers while on the run, and has been tweeting about his fascinating adventure non stop. Here is one gem:

sharp dressed pig tweet



While this story is pretty adorable it’s important to remember to keep your animals safe. This pig could have been hit by a car and seriously injured or killed. Animal guardians need to pay more attention and make sure their yards are properly fenced.