Young Boy Saves Dog From Vicious Attack

(ANIMAL ABUSE) NEW ZEALAND  —  Last Thursday, a 12-year-old boy acted bravely when he saved a young terrier mix from being beaten by a group of boys. Though the New Zealand boy is being honored for his act of bravery, it is possible that the attackers will not be held accountable because of their young age. Keeping in mind the correlation between young animal abusers and interpersonal violence, the young aggressors should be at the very least considered for counseling or community service. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Wellington SPCA

The Huffington Post

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals plans to honor a 12-year-old New Zealand boy who saved a small dog from a vicious beating, reports.

Damon Boyer-Marwood was walking home from school last Thursday when he heard an animal yelping and followed the sounds to a disturbing scene: a group of young boys kicking a small terrier mix and beating her with a cricket bat.

Boyer-Marwood told off the boys and then took the pup to a neighbor’s house where he called the SPCA. Staffers were able to cross the dog’s identification microchip against a pet registry and locate its owner, who wanted to meet Damon and thank him in person for his good deed.

“I want to thank him from my heart, I want to know his face,” Sosefina Leota told

The SPCA is currently investigation the incident, but says the boys responsible are unlikely to be prosecuted because of their age.

“Because of the ages, there’s not a lot we can do prosecution-wise, but it does reinforce the importance of having education in schools about things like this,” Wellington SPCA inspector Kaycee Polkinghorne said in a written statement, according to Life With Dogs. “You just have to to wonder what’s going on to make them think this is acceptable behavior.”

Polkinghorne told Life With Dogs that she hopes Boyer-Marwood’s actions will compel more children to fight for what’s right.

“I just hope there are more kids out there who are willing to stand up for what’s right and not be afraid to say it,” she said.

According to Fairfax NZ News, the SPCA plans to award Boyer-Marwood with a bravery award.

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