Rescued Lab Chimp Loves Camera (VIDEO)

Foxie gives the camera a smooch! Photo Credit: Youtube

(TOUCHING TALE/ANIMAL TESTING) After spending the last couple decades of her life at a biomedical lab, Foxie the chimp is now free. While confined she was bred to have five babies, all of which were taken from her during infancy. So once she arrived at Chimp Sanctuary Northwest, she adopted a little bald troll doll to love and care for in place of her children. She recently showed her appreciation for her new home by placing a big sloppy kiss on the hidden camera in her habitat. Read on for more on Foxie and how to free other chimps from the misery of animal testing.  — Global Animal 
Foxie gives the camera a smooch! Photo Credit: Youtube

Take Part, Jocelyn Heaney

Talk about putting a spin on that old Hollywood cliche, “Make love to the camera.”

Foxie, a 36-year-old chimp, recently planted a sloppy kiss on a hidden camera at Chimp Sanctuary Northwest in Washington state, reportsTreehugger. The lush primate haven recently installed the camera to monitor the seven newly freed chimps in their care.

Last year, the chimps were rescued from the hell of a biomedical lab. During Foxie’s confinement, she was bred to produce five offspring, who were all taken from her in their infancy.

Within a month of her arrival at the sanctuary, Foxie adopted a doll to care for in the absence of her own children. Foxie’s supporters have since donated hundreds of new “babies” for Foxie, but she remains attached to her first worn, bald troll doll.

Please take a moment to support The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act so that all primates currently imprisoned in labs can live out their lives in sanctuaries. 

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