‘I Will Be Saved’ Anti-Puppy Mill PSA

(PUPPY MILLS) Anti-puppy mill advocate Jennifer Peterson wrote, directed and co-produced a striking new public service announcement for the Humane Society’s “Why Puppy Mills Stink” competition. The video, which won the Humane Society’s People’s Choice Award, showcases dirty children behind a chain link fence, representing the 1.5 million dogs that are bred in horrible, filthy conditions for pet stores.

Called “America’s dirty little secret” in the video, this multi-billion dollar industry forces animals to live in wire cages their entire life, never to be socialized while their puppies are taken away to be sold in pet stores. Animal welfare organizations and animal advocates such as Jen Peterson are taking on the issue of puppy mills in the hopes of educating people on the plight of these animals and adopt instead of buying their pets.

The children in the video urge the audience, “Please adopt from your local rescue or shelter, and make the world a better place.”

Watch the Black Eyed Peas anti-puppy mill video.

— Tazi Phillips, exclusive to Global Animal