“Seal Wars”: Slaughter On Skeleton Coast (VIDEO)

(SEA SHEPHERD) On June 8, Animal Planet will air Seal Wars, a one-hour documentary capturing Sea Shepherd’s efforts to stop Nambia’s notorious seal slaughter. Although the footage is under wraps, the animal rights organization said that the Nambian government believed Sea Shepherd breached their National Security and had the navy, army, and police working to keep the massacre hidden. Animal Planet has finally released the trailer for the special and it looks astounding, to say the least. Read on for more on the documentary and the trailer. — Global Animal 

Ecorazzi, Michael dEstries

We first caught wind of Animal Planet’s “Seal Wars” development last August – after a Sea Shepherd campaign infiltrated Namibia’s notorious seal slaughter.

“We created quite a controversy in Namibia, we can’t disclose what footage we captured, as Animal Planet have exclusive rights to it for the show ‘Seal Wars’, said Steve Roest on Facebook, who led the team into Namibia. “But the suggestion by the Namibian government that we breached their National Security and the fact that they used the navy, army and police to keep this slaughter hidden speaks volumes to the corruption involved.”

Now, Animal Planet has gone ahead and released a gripping trailer for the special, which will air as a one-hour documentary on June 8th. It utilizes the same pumping theme from the hit zombie film “28 Days Later” and instantly brings back memories of the tension and undercover work featured in the Academy Award-winning flick “The Cove.” It’s actually one of the finest trailers ever produced for a Sea Shepherd television event IMHO.

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