(HEROIC PET) WALES — Louis the Yorkshire terrier seemed to know exactly what to do when his guardian, Victoria Shaw, fell getting out of the shower. While Victoria was unconscious, Louis hit an in-house panic button, bringing paramedics to the scene. Read on to see how a little bit of training and a lot of love can save your life. — Global Animal
Victoria Shaw and her Yorkshire terrier, Louis. Photo credit: Cascade

The Huffington Post

A dog has been hailed a hero for activating a panic alarm after his owner fell and blacked out, the Telegraph reports.

Louis, a 9-year-old Yorkshire terrier pressed a panic button belonging to Victoria Shaw when she tripped on a rug and fell while getting out of the shower.

“He’s just a pet but I’ve been training him to hit the button just in case, but it’s always been just a bit of a game,” Shaw, who lives in Wrexham, Wales, told the UK’s Mirror. 

She added that Louis had never activated the alarm “for real” before.

The 58-year-old woman, who has poor eyesight due to glaucoma and also suffers from arthritis, twisted her leg and hit her head in the tumble. She passed out on the ground. 

“[Louis] must have thought, ‘This is not a game, this is for real,’ and hit the panic button,” said Shaw.

Due to her disability, Shaw is registered with the Wrexham Council’s Telecare service, the Telegraph reports. Her house is fitted with panic buttons for emergency situations. 

Shaw told the BBC that she had put one of them on the ground and had trained Louis to press it.

The training paid off.

After Louis sounded the alarm, paramedics were promptly dispatched to Shaw’s home.

When they arrived, they found Louis barking at Shaw’s side, the BBC reports.

“He was right beside me, right in my face, he wouldn’t leave me,” Shaw said.

“He’s not only my best friend and companion, but my soul mate. I can’t bear to be without him because of the things that he does for me.”

Shaw suffered no serious injuries from her fall.

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