(TAKE ACTION) Primates used for animal testing are often ripped out of their homes in the wild, separated from their families, and locked in dark cargo crates for up to 30 hours while flying to the labs they will be experimented on until their dying day. Apart from working to end animal testing all together, PETA has been protesting at the Chicago headquarters of United Airlines, the last airline in the U.S. that doesn’t prohibit transporting primates to laboratories. For more information and to urge airlines to stop aiding in animal cruelty, click the “Take Action” link below. — Global Animal 
Animal cruelty doesn't fly wit PETA. Photo Credit: PETA

PETA, Jeff Mackey 

PETA protesters wearing monkey masks and holding signs reading, “Deplane Monkeys,” recently held demonstrations outside the Chicago headquarters of United Airlines and the U.S. headquarters of Air France in New York. PETA is urging the airlines to commit to a ban on shipping primates to laboratories, as almost every airline in the world already has, including Delta, American, US Air, and China Airlines.

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United Airlines, which recently acquired Continental Airlines, is now the last U.S. air carrier without a policy prohibiting the transportation of primates to be abused and killed in crude, painful, and archaic experiments in laboratories.

The cruelty involved in laboratory experiments on primates and other animals should be self-evident: After hearing from PETA about the horrors that cats and dogs endure in labs, for instance, Nippon Cargo Airlines, which had been shipping dogs and cats from the United States to Japanese labs, implemented a worldwide policy against shipping any animals to labs.

When primates are shipped to laboratories, they’re first separated from their families and locked inside dark, terrifying cargo holds for as long as 30 hours. Then they’re delivered to facilities that will poison them, cut them up, and kill them. Many monkeys who are shipped to laboratories were first ripped from their homes in the wild.

Please join PETA in telling airlines that still transport monkeys to U.S. laboratories to adopt a policy against the transportation of nonhuman primates for use in experiments.

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