Elisabeth Torres, Global Animal 

How far would you go to find your missing pet? For the Ghiggeri family, guardians of Andy, an eleven-year-old Corgi, there is no such thing as too far. Andy ran away on New Year’s Eve after being scared by fireworks while visiting friends in Westport Connecticut, and the hunt has been on ever since. His family made more than 4,000 posters, assembled teams of volunteers to patrol areas, set traps, raised money, set up a dozen night-vision cameras, hired a real-life pet detective, and by doing all of this, gained national media attention. 

Andy the missing corgi. Photo Credit: Bring Andy Home Facebook page

All this, and nearly four months later Andy is still missing. After so long most pet guardians would probably assume the worst and stop searching, but not the Ghiggeri’s, and for good reason. There have been “Andy sightings” all over Westport. People report seeing the little Corgi running through woods and peeping in between houses. He has even made cameos on some of the night vision cameras. Another missing dog was found in the process, yet no one has been able to get their hands on Andy.

People have become obsessed with the search, one volunteer says she spends about 5 hours a day looking for Andy, yet she has never even met him. Andy has over 4,000 fans on his Facebook page, website, and his own YouTube channel. Over $11,000 dollars has been raised to fund the search from people all over the U.S. His story made it to The New York Times, CBC radio Canada, and NPR’s All Things Considered. Not only has Andy gained the attention of the media and people all over, but he has managed to keep it for four long months.   

In a world where pets and humans go missing every day, what makes Andy so special? He is awfully cute and has that short-legged, big eared, Corgi charm. But lots of dogs are cute. Andy has won over our hearts because of the incredible amount of effort the Ghiggeri family has put into finding him. For people who do not understand the bond between a pet and their family, it may sound absurd. For those who think of their pets as an essential part of the family, it’s inspiring. Andy is somewhere out there, scared and confused, and just wants to go home to his family the same way a child would. If you would like aid in the “Bring Andy Home” effort, click the Take Action mouse below to find out how you can help!

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