(TAKE ACTION) Rocker Morrissey has written a letter to the Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, urging them to boycott farmers who use mulesing to get their wool. Mulesing is the extremely cruel method of removing large chunks of the sheep’s flesh along with the wool, in a misguided attempt to prevent flystrike. The sheep are never given any anaesthetic and can suffer deadly infections from the mutilation. For more on Morrissey’s campaign read on and click the “Take Action” mouse to sign a petition protesting mulesing. — Global Animal 
Animal activist Morrissey urges clothing companies to ban cruel wool. Photo Credit: FLICKR / FELTONF

Eccorazi, Brook Bolen

We recently told you about rock legend Morrissey’s upcoming autobiography and continued animal advocacy. Now the longtime animal rights activist has written a letter urging a leading Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, to shun farmers who procure wool from a controversial method called ‘mulesing.’

Click to sign PETA’s petition to ban muelsing in Australia!

 Mulesing removes chunks of sheeps’ flesh along with wool to prevent maggot infestation. The practice is used by some Austrailian farmers for sheep exportation.

On behalf of the Asian wing of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Morrissey writes, “Years ago, I wrote a song called Meat Is Murder, and today I’m tempted to write a follow-up called Mulesing Is Misery… New Zealand farmers did away with mulesing nearly a decade ago, leaving Australia as the only country in the world that still clings to this cruel and barbaric abomination. Won’t you please join the many international companies that have implemented a ban on wool from mulesed lambs?”