(ANIMAL VIDEO) Maru is one strange kitty cat, but we can’t help loving him for all of his quirks. — Global Animal




  1. I’m really surprised no one else is familiar with Maru. He’s quite famous. I’ve been watching him for almost two years now and I think you’ll find he’s a very well loved and cared for cat. See for yourself, go to YouTube and see the scores of videos that come up. From a kitten to March of this year, Maru’s life is documented.

    I understand worrying about the plastic bag, but I don’t think he’d be left unsupervised and he could get it off by putting one paw on the closed end and pulling his head out, I think he could get the cup off too. Please, relax and watch some of the videos. We’d all feel better if all cats were as well cared for as Maru.

    Forgive the misspellings, this was posted on my iPad.