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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Judge Holds SeaWorld Responsible For Trainer’s Death

(ANIMAL NEWS) A judge ruled today that SeaWorld is responsible for the death of orca trainer Dawn Brancheau. The SeaWorld trainer died during a show in 2010 when Tilikum, a male orca, pulled her underwater until she drowned. Charges were brought against SeaWorld by the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA). This ruling is a step in the right direction and could change the conversation about orcas and other marine animals in captivity. Read on for more on the judge's decision and the safety protocols that it will be forced to revise. — Global Animal 

Pastor Dies After Preaching With Deadly Pet

(WILDLIFE) Pastor Mack Randall had a strange habit of preaching at his church with a timber rattlesnake wrapped around his arm as a sign of faith. Unfortunately on Sunday the snake fatally bit him during a service. What makes this story even more bizarre is the fact that 30 years ago Randall's father died almost exactly the same way. Though exotic animals are naturally fascinating, they do not make good pets. Handling a deadly snake can come with deadly consequences. Read on for more details about this unfortunate incident. — Global Animal

Dairy Farmers Profit From Kindness

(FARM TECHNOLOGY) Richard Conrad surprised the farming world last year when he shelled out $70,000 for cow water beds. The Conrad dairy farm believed that if you make cows more comfortable and happy they will produce more and better quality milk. Conrad has been very happy with the results and now other farmers are following suit with even quirkier methods to make the cows happy. Farmers are spending money on chiropractors and playing classical music all in an effort to please their bovine partners. This really seems to be a revolution in the farming industry, which usually disappoints with its cruel treatment of animals. It's very heartening to see farmers who actually understand that milking cows is a partnership that requires both sides to be happy in order to yield the best results.— Global Animal

Italian Greyhound Desk Thief

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This Italian greyhound gets into everything! Hide your peanuts, stuffed horse, and cactus! — Global Animal

Woman Claims Kangaroo Stalked Her

(ANIMAL NEWS) AUSTRALIA — Do you fear a confrontation with animals, such as bears, mountain lions, or coyotes, around your home? Recently, a woman and her dog were harmed by a kangaroo near their home in Australia. The lady claims the kangaroo stalked her for two days, striking her dog on the first day and her on the second day. Read on to learn about the husband's encounter with the kangaroo and the possible implications for kangaroos in Australia. — Global Animal

Help End Pet Sales In Malls

(PUPPY MILL/PET STORE) Last year, the Macerich mall company went "cruelty-free," passing a ban on leasing and renewing leases to stores that sell non-rescue pets. Activist Jennifer Peterson worked to get them to do it and is now trying to get the mall company Westfield to do the same. Most pet stores that sell non-rescue dogs, cats and bunnies get them from mills, where pets are mass-produced to maximize profit. Can getting malls to ban pet-sellers help alleviate the problem of pet overpopulation? — Global Animal

HSUS Cracks Down On Nation’s Largest Exotic Animal Owner (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Since reporting on the exploitation of tiger cubs throughout American shopping malls and the associated death of 23 tiger cubs, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently published findings from their very own undercover investigation in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Shockingly, during the four month investigation at Joe Schreibvogel's G.W. Exotic Animal Park, another five tigers died. Not only do these findings correspond with Schreibvogel's long history of negligence, but the investigation also suggests that Schreibvogel may be the largest private owner of tigers in the nation, housing as many as 200 tigers and more than 1,000 other species. Read on to learn more about Schreibvogel's corrupt pseudo-sanctuary and how the HSUS is seeking swift action to address these problems. Don't forget to sign the petition in support of banning ownership of big cats. — Global Animal

Young Boy Saves Dog From Vicious Attack

(ANIMAL ABUSE) NEW ZEALAND  —  Last Thursday, a 12-year-old boy acted bravely when he saved a young terrier mix from being beaten by a group of boys. Though the New Zealand boy is being honored for his act of bravery, it is possible that the attackers will not be held accountable because of their young age. Keeping in mind the correlation between young animal abusers and interpersonal violence, the young aggressors should be at the very least considered for counseling or community service. — Global Animal

Fukushima Radiation Found In Bluefin Tuna

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of San Diego are carrying radiation contamination from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. It is the first case of a large migratory fish species carrying radiation over a large distance, startling some researchers. With bluefin tuna already suffering from overfishing, read on to find out what could be in store for this marine species and others that could be contaminated. — Global Animal

Dog Proves A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way (VIDEO)

(TOUCHING TALE) TIBET — When a group of cyclists encountered a stray dog and fed it a bone, they did not expect what came next. Xiao Sa, nicknamed Forrest Gump, followed the cyclists for 24 days from southwest China’s Sichuan province to Lhasa in Tibet, running 1,200km and climbing up 12 mountains. Read on and watch the incredible video below. — Global Animal 

Rescued Lab Chimp Loves Camera (VIDEO)

(TOUCHING TALE/ANIMAL TESTING) After spending the last couple decades of her life at a biomedical lab, Foxie the chimp is now free. While confined she was bred to have five babies, all of which were taken from her during infancy. So once she arrived at Chimp Sanctuary Northwest, she adopted a little bald troll doll to love and care for in place of her children. She recently showed her appreciation for her new home by placing a big sloppy kiss on the hidden camera in her habitat. Read on for more on Foxie and how to free other chimps from the misery of animal testing.  — Global Animal 

New Device For Dolphin-Human Communication

(DOLPHINS) Scientists have developed a prototype of the first device that can project the full range of sounds used by dolphins. This may mean that  communication with dolphins in the near future is a possibility. Read on to find out if we will be talking to dolphins in the future. — Global Animal 

Bear Cub Given A New Home

(WILDLIFE) OREGON — An American black bear cub was taken from the wild by a Oregon family after they found him alone without his mother. After realizing they couldn't care for the cub, they called the Department of Fish and Wildlife who took him in and found him a home at the New Zoo in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Because the cub, now called Aldo, has already interacted with and received so much care from humans, being placed back in the wild is not an option. Look below for more on this adorable cub and the correct way to respond if you find a baby animal in the wild. — Global Animal 

Louisiana Lifts Sea Turtle Protection Rule

(ANIMALS IN POLITICS) LOUISIANA — A  new house bill proposed in Louisiana will block a federal rule requiring that all shrimping boats be equipt with turtle excluder devices (TEDs), a trap door that allows turtles to escape from shrimp nets. Right now skimmer trawls and butterfly-type-fishing nets are not required to have TEDs, they just have to pull up their nets every hour to release turtles. This method is highly ineffective, as most of the turtle suffocate before the nets are pulled up. Read on for more information, and click out "Take Action Mouse" to help stop Louisiana from blocking sea turtle protections. — Global Animal