(ANIMAL RESCUE) UNITED KINGDOM — A baby fox rescued from a well is now safe and sound at the Exotic Pet Refuge in Deeping St James, UK. No one is sure how she got in the well, but she may have been abandoned by her mother. The well was in a quarry where workers fortunately heard her cries and brought her up to safety. Read more on this successful rescue. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Paul Franks/Peterborough ET

Peterborough Today, Ben Truslove

A baby fox cub had her brush with death when she fell down a well near Peterborough – but her survival tale will melt even the hardest heart.

The eight-week-old bundle of fluff was mewling at the bottom of a well at Ketton Quarry.

It is thought her mum had to leave her down the hole to care for her other little ones, leaving the cub to its fate.

But thankfully quarry staff heard her cries and she was brought up safe and well.

She is now living at the Exotic Pet Refuge in Deeping St James where staff are in love with the, as yet unnamed, baby.

Jane Syrova, animal manager at the centre, said: “She had a bit of a bump on her head but other than that she seemed to be fine.

“It was lucky, I don’t think she was down there for too long.

“But she is lovely, very tame and really friendly.

“We think she might stay here but it depends. She might become friends with the foxes we already have.

“We can’t release her into the wild if she doesn’t get any experience of the wild so we will have to see about that.”

The fox is now being fed on goats’ milk but will soon be weaned onto meat, like day-old dead chicks.

The centre will provide somewhere for the cub to hide and hunt around for food. She’s currently in a small cage for a few hours but has an entire room in refuge owner Pam Mansfield’s house.

Later she will be released into a larger pen within the refuge.

RSPCA Inspector Jason Stubbs, who picked her up from the quarry, was delighted about the happy ending.

He said: “They are very good on animal welfare at the quarry and rang me as soon as she was rescued.

“I’m not sure how they got her out but she was in very good condition. She was a little dehydrated, which is to be expected, but she seemed okay.

“It’s a lovely story.”

Thanks to a very generous donation last year the refuge has a purpose-built pen for foxes which the new arrival will move into.

It has never been used after the cubs who were due to go there were sent elsewhere.

But the refuge has lost contact with donors Mr and Mrs Johnson, who provided the new pen, and would like to track them down so they can see the fruits of their labour.

Anyone who might know the couple should contact the charity on 01778 345923.

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