Dr. Cuddy Advocates Going Green

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Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Lisa Edelstein, also known as Gregory House’s better half, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, on the hit tv show “House,” is going au naturel in a new PETA ad. The ad features Edelstein laying naked on a bed of leafy greens with the slogan, “Eat Green to Go Green.” The purpose is to advocate a vegetarian diet and help the environment. 

The actress can make even veggies look sexy. Photo credit: PETA

The actresses has been a vegetarian since the age of 15, and says coming from a kosher home made the transition easier for her. In a PETA video, she talks about the importance our diet has on the environment. “The meat industry is really toxic to the environment. The cattle industry–besides the fact there are a lot of cruel things happening–the manure is extremely toxic.” 

You can see more of Lisa Edelstein in the PETA video below, where besides discussing why a vegetarian diet is important to the environment, she also talks about her preference for adopting animals from shelters.