Mickey Rourke Is A Stray’s Best Friend

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Mickey Rourke adopted a stray dog from Romania recently. This week, the news gets even better. Rourke is planning to build a much-needed animal shelter in his pup’s homeland, a country with a very large stray population. The actor wants the shelter to be as big as a “football field.” This is amazing news for the stray animals of Romania, who have tough lives, especially since Romania passed a law last year legalizing the mass killing of homeless dogs. Read more on this animal-loving Hollywood star, and how he is personally donating $250,000 to help launch the shelter. — Global Animal
The actor walking his dogs. Photo credit: PacificCoastNews.com

Ali Berman, Ecorazzi

Foxy, the stray Mickey Rourke adopted while filming the thriller “Dead in Tombstone” in Romania, isn’t the only lucky pup to benefit from Rourke’s love of dogs. After learning about the large stray dog population in the country, Rourke decided to help raise funds to build a much needed shelter.

The goal is to raise 1.5 million Euro. With a head start of $250,000 coming personally from the actor, they’ve got a good launch for their campaign.

This won’t just be a small animal shelter that can only help a hundred or so dogs at a time.The Bucharest Herald reports that Rourke wants the shelter to be as big as a football field and capable of caring for thousands of dogs. In a country where strays are a big problem, bigger really is better. Rourke knows “nobody will make any money from this investment,” which makes the donation and hard work on the project all the more admirable. He plans on going to Romania on an as needed basis to make sure the shelter project is going according to plan.

Rourke already has support in the country. Veterinarians Mircea Zeta and Simon Corneleu are on board.

Don’t you just love it when actors with big wallets have equally big hearts?

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