(ANIMAL NEWS) MICHIGAN — Over 300 animals were recently seized from a couple running a breeding facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The animals, which include dogs, cats, and two birds, were living in deplorable and unsanitary conditions in a location only fit for 36 animals. Covered in urine and feces, the animals have been removed and are now being taken care of at Allegan County Animal Shelter. With so many animals suddenly in need of medical care, the shelter is asking anyone in the local area to show support by volunteering or donating. Read on for the details of the seizure and how to support the shelter. — Global Animal
Over 300 dogs are now being cared for by the Allegan County Animal Shelter. Photo Credit: Katie Selden/The Kalamazoo Gazette

MLive.com, Julie Mack

Readers were shocked, stunned and shaken by stories out of Allegan County Monday and today reporting on the seizure of 350 dogs from a Cheshire Township home.

The homeowner was apparently breeding the dogs for sale, but got in over her head. A Paw Paw woman who recently purchased a puppy from the operation called the Allegan County Animal Control last week to report her concerns, and county officials cleared all the dogs from the home on Monday.

The dogs — mostly Shih Tzu and Pomeranian mixes, with a few Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers — were found crusted with feces and “urine-soaked to the bone.”

Show support for the Allegan County Animal Shelter by volunteering or donating towards their cause!

They are being housed for now at the Allegan County Animal Shelter, where volunteers are cleaning and grooming them in preparation for adoption.

“This is called total greed on the part of the dog owners, with the dogs paying the price,” wrote almostpeeved. “They need to spend time in a cage also sitting in their own crap. See how they like it. Pityful for these poor dogs. Owners are a waste of good air.”

Beth Smart added: “Shih-tzu’s are high maintenance dogs, and each one needs coat attention, let alone, individual love. They are beautiful dogs, and this is such an abomination to see any creature that God put on this earth mistreated.”

LetItBeee offered a theory on what happened: “THEY were well intentioned folks, with a business that simple got out of control. Failed businesses always have uncontrolled losses, that means inventory unsold and poorly kept. It is a shame that when business involves living creatures, no law takes over the business and the result would still be the animals probably would have to be put to sleep. Sad in all cases.”

“We need tougher laws at all government levels to eliminate all puppy mills,’ James Corbett wrote. “You need only read the statistics from all animal shelters to know that thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in Michigan every week. In 2010, the Michigan Humane Society’s three Detroit-area shelters took in more than 29,000 animals and euthanized about 70 percent of them.”

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