Megan Cross, Global Animal

Over 700 cats were seized from Caboodle Ranch in February. Craig Grant, owner of the ranch, pled not guilty to animal cruelty and scheme to defraud. Some of the cats are still receiving treatments for infections, respiratory illness, feline AIDs and leukemia. However, the ASPCA and PETA aren’t the only ones taking action again the ranch.

Donors and cat owners are filing a class-action lawsuit against Caboodle Ranch for consumer fraud. “Records from Caboodle Ranch, located in Lee, Fla., indicate that Grant embezzled and misappropriated donations intended to cover care of the cats for his own personal use,” according to Grant apparently confessed that he didn’t always record cash donations. 

Photo Credit: AP

Grant is now asking for the cats to be returned to his care. He undoubtedly loved his cats, but loving animals and being able to care for them are two different subjects. The ASPCA reported that Caboodle Ranch did not have a spay and neuter or adoption program. Without these vital programs, how can one person, even with several volunteers, successfully take care of 700 cats? 

Devoting ones life to caring for homeless, neglected, unwanted animals is completely commendable. However, owners of such sanctuaries must be held responsible for the health and safety of these animals as well as the financial responsibilities of running a donation based organization.