Cat Gets Creative With Camera

Photo credit:

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Cooper is a famous photographer from Seattle. But there’s one thing that’s unusual about him, he’s a cat! This American Shorthair now has his own photography book after his parents, Michael and Deirdre Cross, came up with a very creative idea to see what he was doing during the day. Once a week Cooper wears a light micro camera around his neck that snaps a photo every two minutes. The results are fascinating photographs from a cat’s point of view. 

Cooper posing with his camera. Photo credit: Cooper Photographer Cat Facebook

His photographs have an unique feel to them. He captures things that would normally be considered mundane, like grass, from a completely new perspective. He also has a lot of funny animal interactions, snapping photos of his cat friends and even teasing a dog in one. 

Cooper snaps a picture of a feline friend. Photo credit: Cooper Photographer Cat Facebook

Cooper is quite used to his fame, he’s already had his own photo exhibits and been a guest on tv shows. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Cooper’s dad Michael said, “We really became interested in what he was bringing back. I would describe the photos as abstract and beautifully haunting. And some even are hilarious and make us pee our pants on the floor.”

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