20 Dogs Rescued From Burning Building (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS) NEW JERSEY —  Thanks to new rescue equipment provided by the Humane Society, firefighters in Hopewell, New Jersey were able to save 20 dogs from a burning building. The pet oxygen masks were instrumental in revitalizing the dogs who suffered from smoke inhalation. The owners survived but because the house was destroyed, the animals are currently staying with neighbors or at the vet. Why there were 20 dogs in one house is unknown at this point, but animal control is investigating the situation. Read more on the story and watch the video below. — Global Animal  

Eccorazzi, China DeSpain Freeman

In Hopewell, New Jersey, twenty pups are breathing easy after firefighters rescued them from a burning home.

According to HuffPo, 21 dogs, ranging in age from two weeks to two years, were trapped when their owners’ home caught fire. Fortunately, thanks to newly donated equipment, rescuers were able to save all but one of the dogs.

The firefighters were equipped with special pet oxygen masks that had recently been donated by the Humane Society. Because many of the dogs were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation, the oxygen masks were instrumental in their rescue.

“I was a little concerned at first because the pups were so non-responsive,” said firefighter James Brundage. Fortunately, the treatment worked, as more and more animals were found in the house.

“One turned into five, turned into 20…we just kept hooking them up to the oxygen, bringing them back to life and putting them in the cage,” added Chris Laird, another rescuer.

The owners also survived, but since the home was destroyed, all the pets are being kept at the vet or with neighbors. Now that the pups are safe, the big question is why there were so many dogs in the home in the first place. Animal control is looking into the situation, but the local news affiliate reports that there is no limit to how many dogs can be kept in one home in Hopewell, as long as the animals are spayed/neutered.

As for the Lawrence Road Fire Company, they consider the rescue a success, and encourage fire departments everywhere to get the pet oxygen masks if possible.

“We’re trying to be versatile, not just humans. I mean we save everything possible in the house including objects and people’s pets,” said Kris Palmer, President of the Lawrence Road Fire Company.

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