(ANIMAL NEWS) A dog who survived Tuesday’s tornadoes in Texas was found roaming through the rubble by a local news crew. Brownie, a scruffy dog resembling Dorothy’s Toto, was later reunited with her owner. Read on for their happy encounter and how this pup was able to survive the storm. — Global Animal

Yahoo News, Dylan Stableford

Amanda Guerra, a reporter for NBC’s Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, found the 10-month-puppy, Brownie, amid the rubble in Lancaster, Texas, one of the towns hit hard by Tuesday’s tornadoes. While touring the devastation, Guerra said her news crew discovered Brownie roaming around one of the damaged homes.

Brownie’s owner was not home when the storms hit. So Guerra reunited the pup with its owner, who said Brownie likely weathered the storm outside in her cage.

The SPCA of Texas said it transferred 48 animals—28 dogs, 14 puppies, four cats and two kittens—from Lancaster Animal Services on Wednesday “so the agency can concentrate on dealing with pets that were lost during Tuesday’s storm.”

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