(CELEBRITY NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Bob Barker has made a name for himself with his tireless efforts protecting the world’s animals. Now, he’s stepping up for retired circus elephants. Paying a staggering $880,000 to privately fly three elephants to an elephant sanctuary in California, any price is right for Barker if it goes to saving animal lives. After being notified that traveling by trucks would compromise the survival of one of the three giant mammals, Barker offered to pay for the private flight inside a Russian cargo plane. Read on for details about how the former “Price is Right” host is giving more than money to animals in need. — Global Animal 
Bob Barker has decided to support animal advocates by paying to fly three retired circus elephants to a sanctuary in California. Photo Credit: raise my voice via Flickr

Ecorazzi, Michael Destries

Bob Barker is a hero. Seriously. He’s picked his cause and given not only cash and time, but heart – serious heart – something that is as noble and it is inspirational. One example of heroism would be enough to define a life, but Barker has a portfolio – and this is his latest.

The former “Price is Right” host has reportedly agreed to pay a staggering $880,000 for a private plane capable of flying three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to the Performing Animals Welfare Society elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif.

The original plan was to transport the elephants via truck – but after Barker learned that one of the animals would be unable to withstand the long trip, he decided air would be better.

Barker said the elephants “have suffered so much for so long and now they have an opportunity to live the rest of their lives at what has been described as `elephant paradise.’ To think that one of them might not survive the trip in a truck touched my heart and purse strings.”

Wow. According to reports, the elephants will travel in crates aboard a massive Russian cargo plane.

So, whatever you’re drinking tonight, remember to raise a glass to Barker. Actions such as these – whether for the betterment of mankind, the lives of animals, or in conservation of the planet – are worth pausing to admire.

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