Ok, Global Animals. We have a little bet going on in the office about whose pet is the cutest. So we’re reaching out to our readers to help us decide! Scroll through the photos and bios of our furry friends and vote who you think should win in our poll. Let the games begin! — Global Animal




Colby is a sweet, albeit spoiled, nine-year-old Vizsla. She loves to snuggle with her mom under the covers, and take up the whole bed. She likes to talk, hold hands, snack on carrots, and chase squirrels. In 2010, she became the proud mother to seven bouncing baby pups, who were eventually given away to loving families. 


Billy is a purebred Doberman Pinscher. He is a year and a half. He enjoys playing fetch and going to the dog park. He loves cuddling and hides under your legs when he’s scared. He’s the clumsiest dog you’ll ever meet.  


Jake is named after Twilight hunk Jacob Black. He’s a Dalmatian/Lab mix. He was adopted from Karma Rescue after his pregnant mommy was dropped off in the middle of nowhere while her guardians drove away. Jake loves hiking, squeaky toys, and doggie beaches.


Rocky was left at the doors of a pet store in a box. He does not resemble a normal cat in the least. He comes when called, loves to snuggle, and sleeps in bed right by his human mommy’s face. He also dislikes cleaning himself so his older brother Bear does it for him.


Church also known as “Turkey.” He is 2-years-old and CRAZY! Actually he’s very calm and and sweet, when no one else is around. 


Bear is a cat’s cat. He only allows petting on his own terms. Although he’s usually antisocial he takes special care of his younger brother Rocky who grew up without a mommy. Bear loves lounging in the sun and can spend the whole day observing birds on his balcony.


Stanley hails from South Central Los Angeles. Inexplicably, Stanley served time at the county pound until he was ‘discovered’ by the scouts of Much Love Animal Rescue. He ensures the safety of our staff and multiple potted plants by patrolling the long hallways of Global Animal. Off-duty, he’s an avid hiker and foodie.


Omar is a handsome gentleman who was rescued full-grown over 12 years ago, which probably makes him nearly fourteen years young. He loves his indoor/outdoor lifestyle, which allows him to visit friends (through their cat doors, right into their houses) and fight with enemies (don’t try to tell him he’s too old!). Every night he sleeps on the pillow behind his guardian’s head, occasionally grooming what remains of his guardian’s hair. 


Ernie is an eight-month-old English bulldog living in Santa Monica, CA with his mommy and daddy. His favorite pastimes are getting attention, taking walks, licking toes, watching cartoons, making piggy noises and napping. When Ernie spends time at Global Animal, he helps by enthusiastically greeting all visitors, demanding all attention remain on him, and licking the writer’s feet. In the future, Ernie aspires to take good care of his humans, and get Stanley to play with him.


Roxy is a six-year-old Chihuahua. She loves opera, belly rubs, and laying on dad’s Buddha belly. She is very well behaved and never barks. Roxy’s parents were calendar models, which is one reason why she is so cute.

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a one-year-old short-haired calico. She loves giving kisses, making biscuits, eating vegetables, and napping in the sink. She was rescued from a neighborhood backyard when she was just a kitten.


Born in Monterey Park, California, Maddie moved out west as a pup in order to breathe clean air in a smoke-free environment. Her favorite pastimes include chasing lizards back into the cracks, chewing slippers, ripping up her toys and sleeping on the cool laminate floor. Sauntering through the hall, she is definitely the boss of this house!


Spencer is a one-year-old Great Dane. If he’s not attacking pillows and watching horses on T.V., he likes to chew his bones, go for long walks, and to give people hugs. Spencer also likes to act like a human by opening doors and sitting on the couch. 


Harley is the more mature of the two Great Danes. Being older, Harley loves to sleep, snuggle, and steal Cheez-Its. Harley also enjoys walks, and when out of the house, he loves to stroll around the neighborhood with his brother, Spencer. He also knows how to open doors. 


Venus likes to sit in sunspots, keeping warm. She’s over ten years old, but she still knows she’s still the prettiest occupant of the house.