Beaver Town: Residents Coexist With Wildlife

(ANIMAL NEWS) OREGON — The town of Corvallis, Oregon has decided to protect beavers residing in Dunawi Creek, right next to a local popular park. The park’s fields frequently flood from the beaver’s damming. However, an engineer team with support of the community is finding a way to coexist with the beaver’s natural behavior, instead of getting rid of them. Read on to learn how communities can live peacefully amongst animal neighbors. — Global Animal 
Beavers are known to build complex and impressive dams in creeks. Photo Credit: Steven David Johnson via Flickr, Associated Press

Corvallis parks officials have decided that solving flooding caused by beavers at a local park will take a little engineering of their own.

The Gazette-Times reports that for years beavers have caused flooding at the softball fields at Sunset Park from damming the Dunawi Creek. But now parks officials are planning to install pipes to keep the water in ponds at a manageable level.

Maintenance supervisor David Phillips says they considered removing the animals, but that moving the critters may not sit well with the community by Oregon State University, where the mascot is a beaver.

Phillips says they “decided we should try and see if we can live with the beavers, this being a Beaver town.”