Elisabeth Torres, Global Animal

Are pets living better than us these days? It’s normal to share your home with your animal but some lucky pooches out there are living in houses of their own. Here are 10 doggy dream houses that made us want to move in! 

Paris Hilton’s dog house. Photo Credit: Paris Hilton via twitter

Paris Hilton teamed up with interior designer Faye Resnick to create this dog house for her dogs. This two-story 325,000 dollar dog mansion is complete with air conditioning, heat, designer furniture, and chandeliers. 

Modern dog mansion. Photo Credit: bestfriendshome.com

This modern dog mansion has windows, working drains, and a floating ceiling. Your dog can call this home for the handsome price of €2,799. 

Fairy tale dog castle. Photo Credit: Bestfriendshome.com

Your little prince or princess will feel right at home in this fairy tale castle. 

Southern doggy mansion. Photo Credit: Bestfriendshome.com

This southern style doggy mansion is complete with lattice windows and real bitumen shingles. The break proof window glass and removable roof for cleaning purposes makes it suitable for outdoor wear and tear.   

Brick dog estate. Photo Credit: Beyondthecrate.com

The designer of this incredible specimen is Alan Mowrer, dog house architect extraordinaire. This estate is estimated to cost $25,000 and includes running water, electricity, air conditioning and heat. 

Celebrity hacienda dog mansion. Photo Credit: beyondthecrate.com

 This incredible dog house was created by design artists at La Petite Maison and cost $30,000. It comes complete with a red clay roof, terra-cotta floors, and is large enough to fit a human inside. This house was designed for actress and model Rachel Hunter, and is a scaled down version of her real house. 

Full doggy pad, pool and deck included. Photo Credit: odee.com

A custom-made dog house that includes a porch, deck, and doggy pool. The lucky dog who calls this place home is set for life!

William Pedersen designer doggy house. Photo Credit: www.observer.com

This dog house was designed as a tribute to architect William Pedersen’s luxury condo building in New York. This designer dog house was auctioned off to support the Animal Medical Center of New York for $15,000 dollars. 

Dog house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Alisse Gratehouse

As a boy, Jim Berger wrote to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had designed his parents house, asking him to draw up plans for a house for the family dog. Wright did, although Berger did not construct the house until many years later. It will most likely be donated to a museum.

Marci Morosini Dog House. Photo Credit: Dog-Milk.com

Italian designer Marci Morosini has designed a line of modern dog houses for his “Dog is God” collection. Morosini claims the one place our dog friends belong is on a pedestal.