(CELEBRITY NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Steve O has joined the growing list of celebrities urging Congress to ban testing on chimpanzees. The vegan Jackass star wrote a letter to California Congresswoman, Barbara Boxer, asking her to support the Great Ape Protection and Savings Act, which bans the use of chimps in scientific experiments. Read on for more information. — Global Animal
Steve O is one of many celebrities taking a stand against chimpanzee testing. Photo Credit: Eccorazzi

Eccorazzi, Brooke Bolen

Apparently, he only plays a jackass on TV.

Stephen Glover, otherwise known as Steve O, is best known for purposely hurting himself for comedic benefit on the television show “Jackass” and subsequent movies. He made headlines last year by announcing he had adopted a vegan diet. He continues to support animal rights, most recently by writing a letter urging Democratic California Congresswoman Barbara Boxer to help pass legislation, the Great Ape Protection and Savings Act, banning the use of chimpanzees in scientific experiments.

In his letter, Steve O notes that “nearly 1,000 chimpanzees” have been confined in US laboratories and have no choice as to whether or not they will “undergo painful, invasive procedures and be infected with deadly diseases.”

He also notes that this legislation is supported widely throughout Congress and among its constituents but needs to move on to the Senate in order to release the  “smart and sensitive” chimps who have been suffering for years or decades in laboratory cages.  Steve O is joined in his efforts by other compassionate celebrities including Alec Baldwin,Ellen DeGeneres, and James Franco. 

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