Candice Chandler, Global Animal 

The fight against shark finning has not only gained support, but people around the world are beginning to stop serving the controversial shark fin soup. From the United States to China, conservationists have worked hard to protect sharks from this cruel and wasteful tradition. Big newspapers are also updating the public about the battle to remove shark fin soup from dinner tables everywhere. 

Shark finning is drastically effecting shark populations everywhere. Photo Credit: blamethepeople via Flickr

One of these newspapers, The New York Times, recently published a story about the potential bill banning the trade, sell, distribution, and possession of shark fins in New York, which would make this dish illegal. However, NYT has another story published on their website: a recipe for shark fin soup! How hypocritical for a newspaper to publish both an article highlighting the continued slaughter of an endangered species, and a recipe that is responsible for the huge population decline.

New York Times is promoting the killing of 73 million sharks per year by publishing this recipe, and action needs to be taken to remove it. The recipe, originally published in 1982 by From Taiwan: The Simple and Sublime, should have been deleted a long time ago, and either NYT has not realized, or could care less. 

With legislators working to make shark fins illegal in New York, The New York Times should realize that supporting this tradition in any way, even posting the recipe, is disastrous for the fight to protect sharks around the world. 

Make this newspaper think again about what it chose to publish by expressing your concern. To send a letter to NYT headquarters, please address to: 

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

To contact the editors at NYT by e-mail, send your letter to: [email protected]

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