(CELEBRITY PETS) It’s been a bad week for Jeremy Renner who lost his beloved puppy, a french bulldog named Franklin. The puppy was being dog-sat outside on a hot day when he suddenly died. Franklin received CPR from three people, but it was simply too late. Our condolences, Jeremy. — Global Animal

Renner is said to be “grief-stricken” by the pooch’s sudden passing. Photo credit: AAP

TMZ, TMZ Staff

Jeremy Renner suffered a devastating loss last weekend, after his 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field.

Jeremy’s friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters was dogsitting the French bulldog last Saturday in Orange County — and decided to take it to his nephew’s little league baseball game.

We’re told the dog was running around the field having fun on a very hot day — near 80 degrees.  Then, at around 2 PM, the pup began to vomit and convulse. Kris — who had left to get a snack — returned to find Jeremy’s dog dead in a woman’s arms.

We’re told 3 people tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth to revive the pooch — to no avail.

French bulldogs notoriously suffer from heart problems, which could be exacerbated by heat.

We’re told Jeremy and Franklin were EXTREMELY close and he’s grief-stricken.

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