E-Books For Troubled Pets? Yes, Please

Steve Dale's new pet behavior books are the cat's pajamas! Photo Credit: Glenn Kaupert

Steve Dale’s new pet behavior books are the cat’s pajamas! Photo Credit: Glenn Kaupert

Book Review: “Good Cat!” And “Good Dog!”

Adrianne Gallatin, Global Animal

How can you make crate training easier? Is it possible to train your cat? What is Doggy Alzheimer’s?

Steve Dale, syndicated columnist, TV, radio, and podcast host, and a long-time animal advocate, answers these questions in his two new books, “Good Cat!” and “Good Dog!” Both ebooks are more than worth their $3 price tags—for the price of an iPad app you can start shaping up your pet’s attitude today.

The books are broken down into sections, where Dale and his compadres answer real life questions from readers and listeners with realistic solutions. Getting advice from multiple pet experts gives the books a nice change of pace and keeps the advice fresh. 

The best part about Dale’s books is that he not only tries to help people solve their problems, he also tries to alter any backwards perceptions his readers might have about animals. He takes the pet’s side in almost every situation, but he does so in a way that isn’t condescending. 

The books are available in online format with interactive links, which makes perusing them for advice a breeze. Can we expect an iPhone app in the near future?

Both books end perfectly with a mish-mash of oddball questions and some deliciously snarky responses. You have to get the e-books to read them all, but here’s a taste:


Q: I‘m worried that one day my dog might catch a squirrel. How do I stop my dog from chasing squirrels in the back yard? — P.S., Skokie, IL

A: You could put a sign outside that warns squirrels: ―Danger, Squirrel-Chasing Dog!‖ But your chances of the squirrels reading the sign are about the same as your unsupervised dog not chasing them.

These books are available in ebook format on most major devices and platforms:

  • Kindle ($2.99 at amazon)
  • iPad ($2.99 on iTunes • Enhanced video version $4.99 on iTunes)
  • Nook ($2.99 on Barnes & Noble)
  • Kobo ($2.99 on Kobo)
  • Sony Reader ($2.99 with Sony)