“Come On Down” To PETA’s New Home

Bob Barker cuts the ribbon for The Bob Barker Building, PETA's new home. Photo Credit: Eccorazzi

(CELEBRITY NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Thanks to long time animal activist, Bob Barker, PETA has a new west coast home. Barker donated 2.5 million to renovate their old Los Angeles building, now called “The Bob Barker Building.” The facility will be completely eco-friendly, and will house PETA’s marketing, media, youth outreach and campaign departments. Read on for more on Barker’s pursuits in animal welfare and the new project. — Global Animal
Bob Barker cuts the ribbon for The Bob Barker Building, PETA's new home. Photo Credit: Eccorazzi

Eccorazzi, China DeSpain Freeman

When it comes to celebs who promote animal welfare, no one’s been doing it longer than Bob Barker. He spent years reminding pet owners to have their animals spayed or neutered, and since he retired from “The Price is Right,” Barker has tirelessly devoted his time and energy to animal-rights causes. He has spoken out against the game show’s promotion of rodeos, fought against animal testing at UVA, and even helped rescue wolf dogs.

On top of all of that, Barker also donated $2.5 million to PETA, which was used to renovate a Los Angeles building. Now dubbed the “Bob Barker Building,” it includes green features such as cork floors and rooftop solar panels, and will serve as PETA’s West Coast headquarters. The AP reports that the HQ will house PETA’s ”media, marketing, youth outreach and campaign departments.”

Today was the grand opening of the Bob Barker Building, and Barker himself, along with PETA president Ingrid Newkirk and some “PETA beauties,” was on hand for the festivities, which included a red carpet and vegan hot dogs.

“I am delighted to be honored in this way,” Barker said at the ceremony. “I truly am. Particularly because of my admiration and my respect for PETA. I think PETA is the most effective and the most productive of all animal rights or animal welfare groups in the world, and no job is too small or too big for PETA.”

Barker’s generosity didn’t stop with his renovation donation. Because PETA needs an additional $4 million to complete the project, he also proposed a fund-matching program. Barker is planning to donate another $2 million to the project, and PETA will be responsible for raising the other half.

“I’m just excited about thinking that you are going to have your organization doing the kind of work you do so well, right here in the Bob Barker Building,” he told Newkirk.

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