(ANIMALS PICTURES) Everyone loves food, and it’s way better when it’s free. Animals, just like us, sometimes can’t resist nabbing a quick and easy meal. They even steal from each other! Check out the too-cute collection of animal thieves getting their paws on some free dinner. — Global Animal

This little possum forgot the most important rule of breaking in: the getaway! After eating way too many pastries, this little guy couldn't even move, let alone run away. Photo Credit: pawnation.com
This pooch attempted to swipe some sliced bread unnoticed, but he was caught in the act! Photo Credit: mailspedia.com
A hungry bear might not have found any porridge, but he did find a meal worth eating. Photo Credit: myfunnypets.net
Although these two are friends, one just can't resist poking her head in and nabbing a couple of bites of food. Photo Credit: sofapix.com
Hopefully this lizard has enough room for seconds, because he sure has a long way to go. Photo Credit: ireckonthat.wordpress.com