(CELEBRITY NEWS) Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep will narrate To The Arctic, a new documentary following the life of a mother polar bear caring for her cubs in the arctic. The documentary is sure to be a hit with animal and nature enthusiasts alike. To The Arctic arrives in IMAX theaters on April 20. Read on for more information about the film! — Global Animal 
To The Arctic highlights all the wonderful nature the arctic has to offer. Photo Credit: Eccorazzi.com

Eccorazzi, Linda St. Cyr

A new documentary about the wonders of nature in the Arctic will have the voice of Meryl Streep narrating viewers through a land of enchantment that has been so-far untouched by man. “To The Arctic” follows a mother polar bear as she cares for her twin seven-month-old cubs. The film, which will be shown exclusively in IMAX theaters, is filled with extraordinary shots of the animal families that inhabit the top of the world.

“Of all the truly wild places left on earth none are as majestic as the Arctic. Today this unforgiving landscape has grown nearly impossible to inhabit, but for the families that live here it’s home,” says Streep in the trailer that invites the audience on journey in the life of an extraordinary polar bear.

The documentary is almost guaranteed to be a hit with animal and nature enthusiasts. It may also become very popular with the environmentalists attempting to stop oil drilling in the Arctic.

Streep’s narration of the documentary fits in with the actress’ goals as an environmental activist. She has advocated for sustainability, safer foods and consumer awareness about what kind of chemicals that are used and in everyday products.

“To The Arctic” is directed by Greg MacGillivray, award-winning director of “Everest.” The film is scheduled to hit IMAX theaters on April 20.

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