Elisabeth Torres, Global Animal

Shark fin soup is obviously harmful to sharks, but new findings show consuming it is harmful to people as well. Researchers at the University of Miami warn that shark fins contain high levels of a neurotoxin called BMAA that is often linked to neurodegenerative diseases. People who eat shark fin soup, take shark cartilage pills or other supplements with shark in them, are at a greater risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s. Out of the species of sharks tested, blacktip, blacknose, bull, bonnethead, lemon, great hammerhead, and nurse sharks, all showed high levels of the toxin. 

A slab of fin filled with neurotoxins used for a traditional dish. Photo Credit: http://eated-it.blogspot.com

This research gives us important information on one way people are being exposed to BMAA ,and will hopefully lower the demand for shark fin soup and other shark products.

Sharks play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the oceans, and many species are on the way to extiction due to finning. Shark fin soup is injurus to them, the entire marine ecosystem, and now humans. With 73 million sharks killed every year for this delicacy, there is no good reason to keep eating this liquid neurotoxin. Click the take action link below to help ban the selling of shark fin and other shark products online!

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