(RHINO POACHING) SOUTH AFRICA — The need for higher pay at Kruger National Park has tempted four workers to cross the line. Two rhinos were found dead and stripped of their horns at the park which led to an investigation. Four men were suspected, and after arrests were made one man actually turned out to be a park ranger for Kruger. With 80 rhinos killed so far this year and 448 killed last year, Africa’s rhinos are facing a grim future. If the workers and rangers at National Parks are participating in poaching, what protection do these animals really have? Read the full article below for details on the arrests. — Global Animal
Rhino horns are becoming increasingly more valuable, leading poachers to kill more and more. Photo Credit: rockcenter.msnbc.msn.com

Huffington Post

South African wildlife officials say a ranger is among four Kruger National Park workers arrested on rhinoceros poaching charges.

In a statement Wednesday, the national parks department said the four were arrested Tuesday by officers investigating the killing of two rhinos whose corpses were found earlier that day. The animals had been shot and stripped of their horns, which are prized among some who believe they have medicinal powers.

The parks department says the ranger arrested is among scores who have been striking for higher pay since early February.

Across the country, 80 rhinos have been poached since the beginning of 2012, more than half in Kruger, the country’s flagship park. Last year, a record 448 rhinos were poached in South Africa.

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  1. This battle is getting very hard to manage when you have to deal with professional poachers on the inside.

    These professional poachers are driven by a desire for financial gain and sheer greed.

    They include experienced criminal gangs that are part of a more organized and structured groups.

    Many of them seem to have had military training and they will normally have prior access to information about the location they intend to target.

    How are we going to win this http://www.africa-wildlife-detective.com/rhino-poaching.html battle?