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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Slow Down Fast Food, We’re Watching You

(FARM ANIMAL WELFARE)The worlds second largest fast food company, Wendy's, is making plans to end the use of sow gestation crates. Gestation crates are tiny crates, barely bigger than a pig, that confine pregnant sows for most of their lives. Wendy's is following the more animal friendly trend set by the largest fast food chain, McDonald's, and other huge pork producers like Hormel, Smithfield, BAMCO and Compass Group. But can these companies be trusted? — Global Animal

When not performing, SeaWorld whales are confined to even smaller tanks. Photo Credit:

Elderly Orca Still Forced To Perform

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Lolita is an orca whale who has been captive at the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years. She was taken from her pod at just four years old and brought to the facility, which boosts the smallest orca whale housing in the nation. When she is not performing, Lolita is left to swim in her tank by herself day in and out, while Seaquarium owners, Arthur and Andrew Hertz, have profited tens of millions dollars during her four decade enslavement. Read on for more information. — Global Animal

Good News For Mistreated Hunting Dogs

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) LOUISIANA — Dogs will no longer be used for hunting deer in Louisiana's largest forest. With the help of ASPCA and Louisiana's animal supporters, the hunting dogs, who were often were abandoned during the hunt and left to starve, are now prohibited in Kisatchie National Forrest. Now to only prohibit the hunting of deer! — Global Animal  

Purring Squirrel

(ANIMAL VIDEO) There are too many cute aspects to this adoption story! But one of the cutest? Rocky the squirrel purrs like a kitten now! — Global Animal

Whale Rescued In Southern California, Now Dead? (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Last weekend, a young gray whale named Bart finally swam free after rescuers spent seven hours disentangling him from a large fishing net. However, a similar gray whale was found dead in Long Beach Harbor on Tuesday afternoon. Found with black rope attached to the fluke and injuries at the base of the tale, wildlife authorities are investigating whether this gray whale could be Bart. Read on to learn more about this discovery and see the video below of Bart's miraculous rescue. — Global Animal

Gulf Oil Spill May Seriously Sicken Dolphins

(ANIMAL WELFARE) LOUISIANA — Dolphins living in one of the worst areas affected by the BP oil spill are showing symptoms of serious illness. Barataria Bay off the coast of Louisiana houses dolphins whose ailments include low weight, low blood sugar, cancer, and an unusual low amount of stress hormones resembling cortisol. Read on to discover the lasting effects the Gulf oil spill has on dolphins. — Global Animal 

Animal Blooper Reel (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) We've seen how professional photos can make a difference in how shelter animals are viewed by potential adopters. Photographer Anne Williams has used her skills in Sacramento, California to help show the animals at the Sacramento City Shelter in a new light. Look on for the silly outtakes from her doggy photo shoots. — Global Animal


Risky Business: Chimps On A Plane

(CHIMPANZEES/APES) CALIFORNIA —  A research ape importer has been charged with animal cruelty after 15 chimpanzees died en route to Los Angeles. The only up side to this tragedy is that it may shed some light on the secretive world of research animals. The United States is one of two countries left in the world that use research apes, something that may be changed if the Great Ape Protection Act passes. Read more below on this horrible case of animal cruelty and click the take action mouse to support the end of chimpanzee testing in the U.S. — Global Animal 

Curiosity And The Cat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This animal standoff between a family of deer and a kitty is almost too cute! — Global Animal

Facebook Takes Puppy Mill Dogs Off Shelves

(ANIMAL NEWS) Facebook announced that it will no longer feature puppy mill ads on its online Marketplace. The change is in response to the ASPCA's campaign to raise awareness of puppy mills and warn people against buying animals from pet stores, many of which are unhealthy and kept in unsanitary conditions without any form of socialization. Read more on the new partnership between Facebook and the ASPCA, and the potential positive impact this could have on the ban of puppy mill sales for all online retailers and classified listings. — Global Animal

Could You Become An Animal Hoarder?

(ANIMAL HOARDING) We've all heard about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. But take a look at what can happen when you don't spay or neuter your dog, cat, or bunny. — Global Animal

Bear Spray Better Than Firearms

(BEAR SAFETY) Although you are more likely to be struck by lightning then mauled by a bear, it never hurts to be prepared! So before you go on that hike or camping trip, prepare yourself for an encounter in a way that will leave both you and the bear unharmed. Bear spray, a mace-type substance, has been proven to be the most effective way to deal with a bear encounter, leaving humans and bears unharmed 98 percent of the time. Read more on bear spray below! — Global Animal 

Abandoned Blind Dog Given New Life (VIDEO)

(TOUCHING TALE) CALIFORNIA — Los Angeles has over 30,000 stray dogs at any given moment, and last year, Fiona was one of them. When Hope for Paws founders Eldad and Audrey Hagar found her, she was abandoned and blind in both eyes. Thanks to the generous donations of people who watched her Youtube video, Fiona now enjoys sight in one eye and a loving family. Read more and watch the video of her rescue and amazing transformation below. — Global Animal

Birds Talk About Meaning Of Life

(ANIMAL VIDEO) These two birdies seem to be having an intense conversation! — Global Animal