(WILDLIFE NEWS) SOUTH AFRICA — Millions of dollars worth of poached rhinoceros horns are ending up in Vietnam, and they are not used for decoration. Many Asian cultures believe these horns have medicinal properties, from supplying super vitamins to curing cancer. Although no doctor has been able to prove these qualities, people still pay top dollar. This business has brought the price of rhino horns up as high as $133 per gram—more expensive than gold or cocaine.
Murdering rhinos for a part of their body is atrocious, but it is even more appalling because the horns can be removed without killing the animal, and they will even grow back. Rangers think farming rhinos could work as a temporary solution to illegal poaching, where rhinos would be raised for their horns much like sheep are raised for their wool. In an environment where the war on poaching seems as futile as the war on drugs, this might be the rhinos’ only chance. Read this account from National Geographic to learn about rhinoceros poaching from both the perspective of the rangers and the poachers. — Global Animal
The tincture made from rhino horn this Vietnamese woman is making is thought to cure all sorts of ailments. Photo Credit: Brent Stirton
Rhino horns confiscated from poachers. Some of these horns are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Photo Credit: Brent Stirton
This tame white rhino was dehorned by vets to deter poachers. Photo Credit: Brent Stirton
By humanely removing rhinos’ horns, veterinarians hope poachers won’t have any reason to kill them. Photo Credit: Brent Stirton

Read the full article here: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/03/rhino-wars/gwin-text




  1. Rhinos are a beautiful animal that we should look after and admire in the long future, however as cruel as mankind can be I fear that our children may one day never be able to see these magnificent features in our world…this is a sad thought and we must di everything we can to stop this poaching for all endangered animals including the great elephant.