(ANIMAL VIDEO) The number one most viewed live video of all-time is back online! Last year it featured two bald eagles from Decorah, Iowa hatching and raising their chicks. Now the same eagle parents are back with a brand new set of eggs. Watch the video to see this adorable eagle family grow. — Global Animal
Last year, the whole world watched as this mom raised her chicks.

Ecorazzi, Michael Destries 

Proving yet again why the Internet is awesome, the massively popular (as in #1 most viewed live video of all-time) Decorah Eagle cam is back. And yes, it’s better than ever.

Last year, millions of people from nearly 200 countries tuned into to watch live, 24/7 bald eagle parents in Decorah, Iowa hatch and raise their chicks. Now, the eagles are back – and thanks to new equipment, the window into their lives is even clearer.

According to the site, the eagles’ nest is located 80 feet in a cottonwood tree and measures 6 feet across and 4 feet deep. Total weight? A crazy 1,000 lbs.  The mating pair have been together since the 2007-2008 season.

Last week, two eggs were laid in the nest. But enough talk – have a look at  the live video feed below!

Click Here to see the live cam.

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