(WILD ANIMAL) When a mountain lion wandered into a yard in Los Altos, California, he didn’t anticipate that a dog would be there waiting to chase him. The mountain lion was so afraid of Cody, a German Shepherd, that he ran up a tree and remained there for the next few hours. Fortunately for the mountain lion, the Department of Fish and Game handled the situation appropriately. Read on to find out how the what happened to this scaredy-cat. — Global Animal
Mountain lion hiding in a tree. Photo Credit: NBC News

Daily Mail

When Cody the German Shepherd spied a cat lurking in his garden, he chased it up a tree.

But this wasn’t just any old cat – it was an 110 lb mountain lion.

The timid feline remained perched up the tree in Los Altos, California for more than three hours after the chase.

Nearby resident John Sphar told NBC that as soon as he saw the lion, he called his neighbors to warn them to be on the look out.

But he didn’t have to worry. At 7.30 a.m. his 85 lb dog chased the beast into the tree. It stopped on a branch around 40 ft above the ground.

The Department of Fish and Game chose to leave the large feline alone, and it came down from the tree of its own accord just after 10 a.m.

Good boy: John Sphar and his dog Cody, who chased the lion into the tree. Photo credit: NBC

A state biologist had arrived to monitor the big cat, but said he was never a threat.

‘The dog didn’t know what he was chasing,’ Janice Mackey, from the Department of Fish and Game told the San Fransisco Chronicle. 

Mackey added that mountain lions are ‘solitary, they prefer to be on their own’.

‘He was probably cruising around looking for breakfast and maybe he chased a rabbit into the yard,’ she added.

It is not the first time a mountain lion has been spotted in the neighbourhood.

Los Altos Hills Public Safety Officer Janet Shannon told the Town Crier that recent sightings and incidents have made people ‘a bit nervous’.

Earlier this month, it is believed a mountain lion killed two pet goats in the area.

Cody’s owner Mr Sphar told NBC a lion claimed one of his goats in December 2010.

‘People get worked up,’ Shannon said, adding that they were not in danger.

‘Mountain lions are doing exactly what they do – they’re not aggressive, they’re not coming after anybody.’ 

More Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2104635/One-big-scaredy-cat-Mountain-lion-chased-tree-DOG.html




  1. I am glad they didn’t interfere with it as well.

    BUT…”mountain lions aren’t aggressive”???? Tell that to the biker that had her head in one’s mouth, or to the guy that got disemboweled off a trail (his remains were found in the stomach contents of a large cat in CA). These cats ARE dangerous to humans, but we need to understand the danger that is inherant in living in these areas and protect ourselves-ONLY using deadly force when absolutely warranted. Same with coyotes in the suburbs; you need to be aware of the danger and use good judgement to keep your family safe (don’t let your kids play outside alone after dusk, etc.). Use common sense and enjoy the fact that you are living “at one” with nature!!