(CELEBRITY NEWS) Kate Middleton was recently photographed wearing a fur lined coat, faux fur that is. After the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) praised the Duchess’ animal-related fashion sense, PETA responded by sending a letter asking the IFTF to retract the claim that the fur was real. Who knew a coat could cause so much controversy? Read more on how PETA is responding to the case of the royal fur coat. — Global Animal
Photo credit: ecorazzi

Ecorazzi, Allyson Koerner

The royal Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is making headlines for stepping out wearing a coat with fake fur lining, but one group missed the memo on the “faux” part.

Recently, Middleton, 30, was photographed wearing a fur-lined jacket, and the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) praised the Duchess by describing her piece of clothing as “a classy fur-lined coat.”

Well, PETA did not take kindly to these remarks, because, after all, the fur is fake. The animal activism organization sent a letter to the IFTF expressing their distaste.

“Her Royal Highness was not wearing fur. The coat was not lined with fur.

We therefore insist that you remove the photo from your social media page and issue an immediate public retraction of your claim.

“To state that the Duchess is wearing fur is not only false but offensive…to portray the new Duchess wearing something so blatantly cruel and contrary to her country’s values is insulting,” the letter concluded.

IFTF is known for posting pictures of celebs wearing fur-related items, and praising them for their fashion sense. Here’s a link to the possible coat that’s causing such a stir.

This isn’t the first time PETA and Middleton have come in contact. In December, the Duchess opted out of a hunt with her husband Prince William and his brother Prince Harry, after receiving a letter from PETA asking her to please not participate.

PETA has also threatened to take legal action against IFTF, but have received no response back.

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